How this project is helping crypto traders bridge the gap between between CeFi and DeFi

How this project is helping crypto traders bridge the gap between between CeFi and DeFi

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How this project is helping crypto traders bridge the gap between between CeFi and DeFi

CryptoSlate recently had to chat with Ilya Demydonok, the CEO of Kattana. Kattana is a trading terminal with trading tools for CeFi and DeFi environments aimed at both pro and beginners. The team’s mission is to enhance your trading experience by bridging the gap between you and all the existing cryptocurrency markets.

In the interview we discuss:

  • The team’s background and previous experience
  • What problem Kattana is solving
  • The biggest pain points for crypto-traders
  • How users benefit from using a trading terminal
  • Future of the Kattana ecosystem
  • and more…

Interview with Ilya Demydonok, Kattana CEO

What is the professional background of the Kattana founders and what is their previous experience in crypto?

Ilya Demydonok

The team behind Kattana has a common trading background, that is a glue of some sorts for the team, since we are traders first it was fairly easy for us to agree on what a proper trading terminal should do and look like. 

Of course, this trading background is not enough to build a working and meaningful product, that is why we have more positive sides and assets that back us, as the knowledge of Dmytro our CTO that is behind many trading “engines” in the forex space mostly related to charts.

In addition to this, Ilya our CEO, and Younes our CMO have both solid experience in the crypto marketing space, since they had found their way into crypto through working in different digital agencies.

What problem is Kattana solving? Why do crypto users need a professional trading terminal?

Ilya Demydonok

Kattana is basically bridging the gap between the centralized exchange world and the decentralized one, by bringing tools and functionalities that were only found on CEXs before.

High-quality charts (Up to 24), multiple DEXs (on multiple chains) and CEXs, AI news to receive only the most relevant information about the tokens/projects you are following and of course a trading widget to trade right from the terminal, this is will surely enhance the life of DEX traders, that should answer your second question!

How many people are working on Kattana and where is the team located?

Ilya Demydonok

Kattana currently employs more than 20 people full time, the development team accounts for more than 60% of the whole team, mostly located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

What technologies were used to build the Kattana platform?

Ilya Demydonok

Kattana is a highly technical product, so what better way to answer your question than with a full list from Dmytro our CTO: Golang, typescript, react+redux on the frontend, a lot of aws products: lambdas, ECS, google bigquery, redis. Postgres and a datalake for trades. TensorFlow for ML news.

Which types of crypto users would benefit from using the Kattana platform?

Ilya Demydonok

Every person that is interested in cryptocurrency trading (professional or amateur) will find benefits in using the Kattana platform since the terminal truly takes your trading game to a whole new level.

What is the biggest pain point for crypto traders who are managing multiple trading accounts across centralized and decentralized exchanges?

Ilya Demydonok

This dispersion has surely been the cause of many losses in our case certainly, that’s why we understand the need for a more regrouped way to see all your crypto assets, that will take into consideration the assets from both sides.

This is a feature that we would want to integrate into the platform.

Where do you see the Kattana ecosystem over the next few years? What will be the major milestones?

Ilya Demydonok

Our main priority at the moment is to provide a truly useful product that will satisfy cryptocurrency traders all over the world, lets talk about milestones right after the release of the platform.

What is the utility of the Kattana token?

Ilya Demydonok

KTN is Kattana’s native token, that will be used inside the platform as a payment method for premium features.

What new integrations are available for Kattana?

Ilya Demydonok

We have just announced the integration of BakerySwap into the list of available DEXs on BSC.

What is the best way for those interested to learn more about Kattana?

Ilya Demydonok

We are fairly active on social media, mostly on Twitter and Telegram.
If you have any additional questions about Kattana feel free to @ us in the official Kattana chat.

Connect with Ilya Demydonok
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